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Our Core Benefits

We understand that finding the right pension advice can be complicated.

Frozen Pots

Your pension is yours. Whether you want to draw cash out of a frozen pot or move your money to a more appropriate fund, speaking to an expert is the first step to a better retirement plan.

Expert Advice

Lots of people have pensions with companies they used to work for and no idea how much is in their pot or what their options are. Speaking to an expert today will give you peace of mind that your money is working for you

Up to date advice

You may have started investing in your retirement years ago and left your pension as it was back then. Speaking to one of our experts is free and gives you clarity that your money is in the best place for you.

Why Trust Us to Help You?

The Flexible pension site connects you to experienced, expert pension consultants. Each partner is a specialist in their market, so they are well equipped to answer all your questions and support any applications you make.

Speaking with an expert often gives you access to a wider range of products and services than you can find by searching yourself, so to get the best deals and explore all options, Clear advice is Key.

We are a brokering service, so do not offer any financial advice, we are just here to connect the dots.

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How We Can Help You

Put your family and wellness first

Free pension tracing service

Many people have paid into pensions and forgotten about them or are unsure how to trace them. Our experts can help you trace all your money and advise the best way forwards for you


You may want to draw money from your pot at 55 in a lump sum or keep a fixed income coming in. The choice is yours and our experts are there to help find the best solution for you

Reduce Fees

Make your money work harder by finding out what fees you currently pay and if there’s a more efficient way of maximising your savings

Tax Free

You can take up to 25% of your pension pot in one tax free lump sum

Future Growth

Keep your money invested, just do it better. Maximise your savings by speaking with an expert today and getting the most from your retirement

With you every step of the way

We’ll review your pension with you regularly and keep advice up to date so you’re no longer in the dark. A clear plan for your retirement savings is exactly what we offer

We've made the process of getting Pension Advice fast, easy, and affordable.

01Fill in a super simple form

An expert will be in touch with you to discuss your Pension and savings plans.

02Speak to a very friendly consultant

Any of the partners we introduce you to will be based right here in the UK

03Select a Pension and savings plans

Choose from a tailored list of Pension and savings plans built exclusively for your family.